VR Conk Review

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VR Conk
is perhaps one of the lesser known VR sites, but perhaps it should have been getting more attention in the light of the news that it recently launched the world’s first augmented reality porn site – AR Conk. As you might expect from an innovative company like this, VR Conk has a slightly different and fresh feel to it than many of the other major pay sites. It experiments with the voyeur mode (as opposed to the standard male actor POV) and has an attractive tube style layout. It does feature the same pornstars regularly and the site feels like a work in progress, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on and the ability to purchase individual videos to download is a useful feature to explore.

The site has various subscription length packages but membership comes to about $15 a month.

VirtualRealPorn Launch Japanese VR Porn Site

VirtualRealPorn was the first adult virtual reality site and is still ranked by most as one of the top two or three pay sites. They have a number of fetish sites too, such as VirtualRealGay and VirtualrealTrans, and now they’ve added another featuring exclusively beautiful Japanese girls in VR porn – VirtualRealJapan.

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Rather than shooting their own material, this new site appears to be distribution rights to a number of actual Japanese VR porn studios. So the girls are not only really Japanese, they speak Japanese and all of the action was filmed by typically perverted Japanese porn directors! At last this niche is properly catered for to English speaking VR porn fans.

Virtual Pee Review

Virtual Pee is the only current virtual reality site dedicated to the fetish of golden rain – girls opening their legs and letting you see the piss spray out of their pussies. This is a fetish that works brilliantly in immersive 3D VR.

Virtual Pee Trailer

As you might expect from such a narrow focus fetish VR site, updates are only once weekly and the videos are short by most pay site standards (how long do you expect the girl to piss for?!!). Still, they are high quality, feature a good selection of models, and are quite inventive and varied. Take for example, a recent video release that featured a desperate for cash East European model agreeing to stand on her head and urinate all over her own breasts before licking them clean! Monthly membership works out at a quite reasonable $12.49

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Bang For Your Buck Best Value VR Porn Site Comparison

Rank Site Name Number Videos per Month Monthly Content in Minutes Montly Price Price per Video Price per Minute
1. WankzVR 8 571 $19.99 $2.50 $0.04
2. VirtualRealPorn 9 340 $19.95 $2.22 $0.06
3. BadoinkVR 9 330 $24.95 $2.77 $0.08
4. CzechVR 6 279 $24.95 $4.16 $0.09
5. VR Bangers 7 270 $24.95 $3.85 $0.09
6. BabeVR 4 141 $19.95 $4.99 $0.14
7. 18VR 4 156 $24.95 $6.23 $0.16
8. Virtual Taboo 8 174 $29.95 $3.74 $0.17
9. VRCosplayX 4 146 $24.95 $6.24 $0.17
10. Reality Lovers 8 97 $19.95 $2.49 $0.20
11. DDFNetworkVR 4 108 $44.95 $11.23 $0.42

Which VR porn pay site gives best value for money? Well in terms of ‘bang for buck’, the above table provides something of a guide. I’ve listed most of the major pay sites with two columns at the far right side showing for each of them in dollars how much a single video costs and how much each minute of action costs – based on the number and length of videos released each month and the price of a monthly membership (in a yearly subscription).

I’ve ordered the ranking according to value for minute. That is, how much money (in dollars and cents) you’re paying for each minute of new video released each month. That usually correlates fairly well with the cost per video column, but not always. For example, Reality Lovers (which I rate very highly for the quality of their videos) release 8 videos a month, but they tend to be considerably shorter than most of the other sites. So although it scores highly in terms of value for money per video, it’s not such good value if you are going by price per minute.

As you can see, the number 1 ranked ‘bang for your buck’ site, scored by value price per minute video, is WankzVR, which has been one of the top VR sites since the beginning.

2018 virtual reality porn site of the year

VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers has a well deserved reputation as arguably the best VR porn site currently. Recently they became the first pay site to release movies in 6K ultra-hd resolution, which means that the effective resolution for each eye in a VR headset is 3K, getting closer and closer to lifelike ‘retina’ displays. You will, of course, need a high end headset to appreciate such resolution. The popular site continues to innovate in other ways too, having released the biggest orgy ever in VR (11 girls!) to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Their scenes are natural and the sex hard and real. Membership is competitively priced too, with an annual subscription working out at less than $9 a month.
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Free VR Bangers Trailer Featuring College Girl Orgy

VR Hush Review

VR Hush is a long established virtual reality porn pay site that continues to release new content every week that is fresh, natural, and has a different kind of feel to it than many of the other pay sites. On review sites and VR forums, it’s regularly mentioned as one of the best adult VR sites. It doesn’t update quite as often as some of its rivals – once every 6 days. However, the standard is so consistantly high, then with an archive of over 100 videos already and a new movie at that rate, it should please the most hardcore VR XXX fan, especially with a subscription to another site. It’s also cheaper than its major rivals too, with a yearly membership costing just $8.30 a month.
VR Hush home page

RealVR Review

RealVR isn’t a VR site itself, but rather a portal for a selection of 20 of the top paysites to offer some of their videos. If you haven’t yet joined a VR pay site, then this site is definiately worth considering, especially as a trial costs just $1, and for that you can ry out a large number of full length VR videos fro the likes of BadoinkVR, VR Ballers, VirtualRealPorn, as well as some of the smaller niche sites such as LezVR and YanksVR.

RealVR videos

Note that the $1 day pass trial only allows you to stream the movies (to your VR headset) and you can only have one download. For unlimited downloading you have to join up for at least a month ($9.95). They will, however, send you out a free pair of VR goggles.

The Best VR Porn Sites Online 2018

Here are the best VR Porn Sites Online you should subscribe to for real VR porn movies.

BadoinkVR – amazing virtual reality porn site featuring the best names in porn as well as fresh, young new models willing to do everything in front of the 3D VR cameras, including hard anal. Inventive scenes, superb 3D 180 photography, and gorgeous locations and backdrops. With TWO new movies each week and a huge archive, this site will have you fapping in VR daily! BaadoinkVR also sends EVERY new subscirber a FREE pair of VR goggles! You can enjoy a 1 day trial, including unlimited streaming, for just ONE DOLLAR!

VR Bangersuniversally rated as one of the top 2 or 3 VR pay sites, in early 2018 it became the first site to film in 6K ultra-hd. Also recently shot the biggest ever orgy in virtual reality featuring 11 different girls all dressed up in soccer kits representing 11 different countries competing at the World Cup!

VirtualRealPornthe first virtual reality porn site online and still one of the very best. By far the largest collection of adult VR videos in one site, and now releasing up to 3 new movies each and every week!

WankzVR – hardcore porn in beautiful and inventive scenes. One of the first VR sites and now with a huge and growing library of the best XXX VR!

Virtual Taboo – the kinkiest VR porn site featuring taboo storylines involving stepfamily members such as naughty stepdaughters and forbidden stepbrother/stepsister sex. Indulge your most guilty VR pleasures at this beautifully kinky site.

18VR – dedicated to beautiful young 18 year old girls making their debuts in virtual reality porn. This site really allows you to experience true sex with barely legal American schoolgirls, Spanish college girls, Russian University freshers needing to pay for their studies. The best site for lovers of 18 year old little angels in VR!

VRCosplayX – a unique site from the Badoink team that dresses up pretty young girls in all manner of costumes and cosplay outfits styles on famous film and anime characters and then lets you fuck their sweet bodies into tomorrow! New movies every week, this is perhaps the most beautiful VR adult site online.

Holo Girls VR – cutting edge technology makes for the smoothest and most immersive vr porn movies yet! Featuring many 360 degree vr movies.

VR 3000 – One of the leading and ambitious virtual reality porn sites with many movies in full 360 degrees of 3D immersion. Beautiful hardcore VR porn at its best!

Reality Lovers VR – Beautiful Euro hotties letting you smash their sweet young bodies in virtual reality.

Czech VR – VR porn devoted to sexy naked Czech girls, with two new vr videos each week.

JVRPORN – the first Japanese VR porn site in English.

DDFNetworkVR – Opened in 2017 and has some unique features such as shooting in the 3D voyeur mode rather than POV. Beautiful pornstars with some amazing backdrops and locations.

Virtual Taboo Review

Virtual Taboo is one of the biggest sites in the VR porn world, and probably the kinkiest. Not because of the actions, which are the usual stuff (blowjobs, fucking, facials, cumshots, dildos etc.) but because of the scenarios. Most of the videos feature the taboo fantasy of sex with a member of your own stepfamily. Stepbrothers accidentally interrupting their stepsister’s sexy bedroom selfies, leading to sex that feels wrong…but so exciting! Stepsons catching their own stepmothers dildoing their sweet pussies, who in the moment of near orgasm, lose all sense of restraint and let you slide your stiff cock inside of them.

Virtual Taboo porn review

Their videos are among the best produced of any of the VR sites, and there are currently two new releases each week. Each video is a little shorter than some other top sites, with the typical length being under 25 mintues, but personally I find anything longer than that a bit excessive while VR headsets remain in their current form. Another good feature is that you can buy each video individually – a nice way to try out the site!

Teen VR Porn Sites

18 VR Best Teen Site
18VR – Best VR Teen Porn Site in 2018

Most of the VR porn sites regularly feature ‘teen’ girls in their scenes, and for hardcore lovers of real 18 and 19 year old teenagers, there are now a couple of sites that feature the sexiest teen girls in every VR movie.

The first is 18 VR. This site features the youngest teens allowed by law. Really beautiful and natural looking East European teens who really are the ages they claim to be – 18 and 19. You can truly believe that some of these girls only became legal a few weeks before they were filmed in VR sucking and fucking the stiff cock of some older stranger’s cock. These ripe young beauties have probably come straight from school, and seem to get a thrill knowing that guys like you and me are really feeling our cocks inside their tight little bodies in VR! And what must their parents think of them..and you smashing their daughters so hard in virtual reality? Don’t worry – if the big Russian father catches you with your cock inside his princess just take the VR headset off! 😉

One of the most exciting new VR porn sites of last year (2017) was Virtual Taboo. This is an incredibly kinky site, that might even be too ‘taboo’ for some of you guys. But if you like perfectly legal (barely!) teen girls calling you ‘stepdaddy’ while you look into their doe eyes with your cock deep inside their little wet pussies, this is a site you’re going to have to join. Two new forbidden fantasies for you to experience in immersive 3D VR every week. Does feature quite a lot of MILF (‘stepmother’) movies too, but often even these feature the older woman’s horny teenage stepdaughter!

WankzVR have always featured young girls in some of the best filmed 3D VR XXX action. Often dressing up barely legal cuties in pigtails and schooluniforms, this site has already been around for about 3 years and shoots two new films each week, so there is a huge teen archive for you to explore there.

BadoinkVR are similar to WankzVR in that they are an old established site that usually features teen or young 20 something models, often unapologetically pursing the ‘anal sex with teen innocent teen virgin’ angle. They are also the same team behind 18VR.

Another dedicated teen VR site is RealTeensVR. From the producers of the popular Naughty America site, this is a good site to join if you prefer cute American teenage girls to the long legged innocent beauties of Eastern Europe.